The Fluke

The FlukeThe FlukeWith just under two weeks left in NYC and most of my many, many shoes spread across six suitcases, I spent my second-to-last weekend in the city shooting bags beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (pretty fitting, if you ask me). I’ve styled Roztayger‘s lookbooks for the past few years, but, this season, the gorgeous Neely called out sick, so yours truly stepped in as the resident model. So there I was, boasting some very bare legs in frigid temperatures on the DUMBO boardwalk. And although they say you shouldn’t feed the models, we all know that’s crap. After four hours of shooting, we stuffed our faces at Shake Shack.


BABEL BUTIKKEN (vintage) coat


PRADA pumps


MIHALIS photos


Spring Bling

Spring BlingSpring BlingSpring BlingSpring Bling

It’s a truth universally acknowledged…the slightest sign of spring sun and I head straight for hot pink. I guess it’s my happy place.

Speaking of happy places—there’s something about packing on a pile of accessories that gets me really pumped. J. Crew has really stepped up their costume jewelry selection this season and, needless to say, I’ve balled out. Among the many pieces that I couldn’t resist was the Lulu Frost-designed star necklace that I’m wearing in the photos above. Fun, right? Otherwise, a wrist full of clanky bracelets and my favorite Dior pearls have been earmarked as my accessory staples this spring. I may also throw some obnoxious ’80s chokers into the mix. We’ll see.

For those of you who can’t be bothered with baubles, I promise there are full outfit shots coming your way soon!


DIOR earrings

LULU FROST for J.CREW ‘NOVA’ necklace

LAND OF BUDDHA “Om” necklace

PATRICIA FIELD custom necklace

D&G watch

TIFFANY & CO bracelets

PIPPIN vintage bracelet

Bulgari & Caroline Hjerpe rings


Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

Good morning, sunshines!

It was a sweltering 25 degrees (fahrenheit) this weekend, so I busted out my bikini. Ok, maybe not, but I threw my coat to the wind! The countdown to Oslo has begun and I have a whole apartment to put in boxes in a few short weeks. But in between stuffing suitcases and preparing bags for the Goodwill I’ll be taking some spring-inspired pieces to the streets. Stop by later this week for a few of my wardrobe favorites. See you soon!





L'HiverLHiver6LHiver7LHiver8LHiver5L'HiverHappy Friday, Fashion Plates!

Today is my last day at the day job and so the time has finally come to reveal my very big news. (Drum roll, please!) After eight years in New York, I’m moving home! That’s right, in just a month, I’ll be schlepping an embarrassing number of overpriced shoes across the Atlantic and back to the small Nordic nation where I’m from. And I couldn’t be more excited!

To be honest, I’m been craving a return to Oslo for quite a while now. New York will certainly never lose it’s luster, but, for me, it’s been done. Now is the time for family and childhood friends. For familiar side streets and new European adventures. Now is the time for never-ending summer nights and the perpetual promise of a white Christmas. For fjords and for fishing and for a fireplace in just about every room. Now is the time to return to my roots.

But don’t worry—I may be leaving the Empire State, but EllesEmpireState isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, I hope you’ll take this massive move with me. With a boatload of boxes (literally), three cats, and one very American fiancé in tow, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great read.



FREE PEOPLE sweater & jeans


J.Crew earrings


CHELSEA location